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Christmas and End-of-Year Parties

It's party time - again. Monday evening, 12th [7:15pm], with The Coins;  Friday 16th [9:30] in the Hills   and   Saturday, 17th [2:15pm]

Keep Monday evening of 12th December free for your annual dose of dancing with 'The Coins'. We'll be starting at 7:15 - so be there, don't be late! Please dress to a Christmas theme and please bring a plate to share. Details in the calendar below: Coins at Christmas

Fremantle River Group - last session for the year - 12 December - no party as such - just fresh air, dancing and that view!

Dancing Dates for 2022 and Restart Dates for 2023

No Monday dancing on 19th December

Restart dates for 2023 are:
  Saturday 7th January
  Monday 9th January
  River Group Monday 30th January
  Hills Friday 3rd February

The New Perth International Dance Committee for 2023

Check out the new Committee on the Committee page. Congratulations and thanks to them all. We do still have one vacancy!

Fairbridge 2023 has been cancelled

Introductory Folk Dance Course - Final Week - What's next?

The Introductory 6 week International Folk Dance Course wound up on Saturday, 19 Nov. The follow-up course started on 26 November at the new time of 2:15 in Dalkeith Hall, Waratah Avenue in Nedlands.

With the new arrangements the regular dancers join in at 2:45 with some of the Beginners' dances being repeated. We'll see how things go with a review at the end of January, by which time there should be no beginners!

Christmas with The Last Five Coins

Keep Monday evening of 12th December free for your annual dose of dancing with 'The Coins'. We'll be starting at 7:15 - so be there, don't be late! Please dress to a Christmas theme and please bring a plate to share.

Details in the calendar below: Coins at Christmas

Other News

The new format at our Dalkeith sessions seems to be going well - no teaching as such, just a playlist of favourites.
Let us know what you think.Email us at

Dancing during Covid-19

Please check out our Statement on Vaccination Policy and note our updated, late April 2022, Covid dance guidelines, the rules for operating with limited contact.
    Ask to be put on our news email list, and we'll keep you informed of changes.


Have you read the December 2021 Grapevine? - read it on-line now or download it and read it later.

Welcome to PID

Perth International Dance runs regular traditional dance classes around Perth, Western Australia.
We also present workshops in schools and festivals, develop choreographies for schools, host touring dance teachers and sometimes present demonstration performances.

Covid safe editions of our newsletter Grapevine are now available to view or download.

Our Calendar

Our Regular Sessions

The following are suspended:

Session Teachers

Monday Saturday

'On hold'? We are trialling a new format for Dalkeith sessions, without formal teaching, see 'Planned Teaching Programme' below

Jennifer teaches the East Fremantle River sessions,
Jennifer and Jenny share the Hills sessions,
Palenque Blair teaches the Albany sessions.

We continue to review our teaching schedule in the world of Covid. This information may change without notice and may not be up-to-date.

Planned Teaching Programme

Dalkeith sessions will largely be revision of popular dances - a curated selection of new and old favourites.

Recent Teaching

  No Monday Teaching in Sep. 2022 September Saturday - Sara
Perach ZaH'Av - Israel
Libi - Israel
Hassapiko Empatiko - Israel
Laner Velabsamim - Israel
  2022 June Monday - Eve 2022 June Saturday - Maria
  Guhniega - TurkeyPrayer for Ukraine - Ukraine;USA
  Aspra Peristeri - GreeceSfarlis - Greece
  Hora Mamtera - IsraelKoledarsko Horo - Bulgaria
  Vana Tsgnors - ArmeniaEleno Kerko - Bulgaria
  Sapari - IsraelYarn Anoush - Armenia
  Chopi - Israel Di Grine Kusine - Israel
  - Oj Maju Maju - Ukraine
  2022 May Monday - Jenny C 2022 May Saturday - Peter
  Ciobankat - AlbaniaMoj Dragane - Croatia
  Kol Nedarai - IsraelHora ca la Caval - Romania
  Ratsa Plava - CroatiaKashkaval - Israel
  Alunelul de la Godenesti - RomaniaBiatikos Hassapiko - Greece
  Novo Zagorsko Horo - BulgariaBiserka Bojarka - Serbia
  - Hora Chassidit - Israel
  2022 Apr Monday - Eve 2022 Apr Saturday - Maria
  Gunhiega - Armenia Biljana - Macedonia
  Goral Eichad - Israel Rokdim al Ha'Mayim - easy - Israel
  Graovsko - Bulgaria Zorba - variant - Greece
  Vana Tsgnors - Armenia Maya - Israel
  Debka Oud - IsraelYarn Anoush - Armenia
  Debka Turuk - IsraelHora de la Tulnici - Romania
  Hilulat bar Yochim - Israel
  Aspra Peristeri (White Dove) - Israel

  2022 Mar Monday - John W.2022 Mar Saturday - Martin W.
  Epimino - GreeceIvanitsa - Macedonia
  Chelebinsko - BulgariaHine Ma Tov - Israel
  Kuchevachko Kolo - SerbiaKircho - Macedonia
  Tokyo Ondo - Japan Devoiche - Bulgaria
  Hoy Memo - Kurdistan Sheikani - Assyria
  Dobrudzhanska Buenets - BulgariaOd (Y)ishama - Israel
  Novozagorsko Horo - BulgariaDrumul Dracului - Romania / Moldavia

  2022 Feb Monday - Peter2022 Feb Saturday - Jenny C.
  Hora din Caras - Romania Glasat Na Pirin - Bulgaria
  Papirosen - IsraelVol Po Vologde - Russia
  Lo Kol Yom Purin - IsraelYedid Nefesh - Israel
  Edno Ime Imame - MacedoniaCuileandra - Romania
  Ani More Nuse - ArmeniaOee Naze - Armenia
  Rum Dum Dum - AlbaniaShiri Li Kineret - Israel
  Akordian Yashan - IsraelNovo Zagorsko Horo - Bulgaria

Check here for dances taught in previous months Recent Teaching

** Coming Events **

Mon 12 Dec 7:15pm - Christmas with The Last Five Coins

Our End of Year Party - come and join in the festivities - some live music and some playlist favourites

Photos below from our end of Year Parties in 2021 and 2019 - yes at St Margarets !!

EOY 2019 and 2021

Sat 26 Nov - PID Annual General Meeting

Come and find out how PID has gone this year and vote for the 2023 committee. PID relies on its Committee members, so please consider nominating!

Fairbridge Festival was cancelled in late November 2022


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