Tips for new dancers

Welcome to anyone who would like to come and dance with us. We hope you'll have a great time.

We have prepared these tips to answer some commonly asked questions and to help you get the most from our dance sessions.

Clothes should be loose and comfortable, with pants that let you squat comfortably when you get carried away with that favourite Greek dance!

Shoes should be closed in with non-slip soles. Flexible casual shoes or character shoes are fine. A solid heel helps with stamping dances. Bare feet can be a safety risks and are not recommended.

Learning Dances may seem to be a problem when you are attending for the first time as there so many dances. Don't despair - it does take time to build a repertoire, but there are many ways to learn and it gets easier with time.

Some dances are quite simple and after you have watched the steps for a sequence or two you can join the line, but make sure you don't join the leading end. Until you know the dance very well it's best to join towards the middle or at the end of the line. For more complex dances you can follow behind the line or the circle until you feel confident. You can always ask one of the more experienced dancers to show you the parts you find difficult.

You can also ask another dancer to let you know when an easy dance is coming up, and for some Balkan dances with variations you can stick to the basic steps until you learn more. Most partner dances are straightforward and we don't have fixed partners, so feel free to ask anyone to dance with you.

Request a dance that you like by putting its name on the whiteboard (We ask everyone to limit themselves to two requests per night). Bring a notebook to help remember the names, and you can also record a few cues, such as country of origin, how the steps start, if its a line or circle, and so on. Also, the teachers should list each dance they teach on the whiteboard.

Dance Safely

Music has been collected from visiting dancers and from local and international sources over a number of years, and is a precious resource. Specific dance music is often only held by PID.

Membership is available and gives you access to reduced prices, so if you feel you'll stick with it you should consider becoming a member.

Performance Group. Some members of PID have formed a Performance Group which occasionally performs at public and private functions. We are always looking for new members, so when you feel you have mastered the basics and could enjoy a challenge, consider joining the Performance Group.

Enjoy your dance session, which is what we are all here for, and if you have any other questions talk to one of the teachers, committee members or anyone else who looks like they know what's going on.

If you would like any more information please contact one of the committee members. Hope to see you soon!

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