Event Terms and Conditions

Use of Image

By default, by attending a Perth International Dance event you give permission to Perth International Dance to videorecord and photograph you during the event, and to use these recordings and photographs to promote and celebrate folk dancing. These recordings and photographs may appear in print and on web based media.
If you are not willing to be videorecorded or photographed or want to control where your image appears, please see the organisers of the event. In this case, you may have to exclude yourself from part of the event.


Perth International Dance (PID) may, at its discretion, refund or partially refund the payment made for a PID event. PID may publish explicit refund conditions for specific events. PID is committed to ethical practice and will try to ensure that any refund is reasonable.
To apply for a refund, please send an email to, or talk to the Treasurer at a PID event.
Refunds will be managed by the Treasurer, who will advise the full committee of their determination before finalising any refund.

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