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Teaching confirmed for Saturdays for the next couple of months

Sara taught for the first two Saturdays in May, 6th and 13th - check out her list of dances below. Jenny C will be teaching on May 20th and on Saturdays until the end of June.

Maria is scheduled to teach for each of the five Saturdays in July.

Welcome to PID

Perth International Dance runs regular traditional dance classes around Perth, Western Australia.
We also present workshops in schools and festivals, develop choreographies for schools, host touring dance teachers and sometimes present demonstration performances.

Covid safe editions of our newsletter Grapevine are now available to view or download.

Our Calendar

Our Regular Sessions

Session Teachers

Monday Saturday

Jennifer teaches the East Fremantle River sessions,
Jennifer and Jenny share the Hills sessions,
Palenque Blair teaches the Albany sessions.

We continue to review our teaching schedule in the world of Covid. This information may change without notice and may not be up-to-date.

Planned Teaching Programme

Dalkeith Monday sessions in 2023 will continue to be largely revision of popular dances - a curated selection of new and old favourites.

Dalkeith Saturday 2:45 sessions have reverted to teaching for about one hour followed by a playlist selected by the teacher. Let the teacher know if you would like to request a particular dance

Recent Teaching

  No Monday Teaching in May 2023 May Saturday - Sara
Hassapiko Mahir - Israel
Shir Megaresh - Israel
Ilu Tziporim - Israel
Omrim - Israel
  No Monday Teaching in March 2023 Mar/Apr Saturday - Eve
Ne Felj Lanyom - Hungary
Nemoj Kate - Croatia
Sardana Curta - Spain
Hora Fetelor - Romania
Lamiita - Romania
Fado Blanquita - Portugal
  No Monday Teaching in Feb. 2023 February Saturday - Maria J.
Lathos - Greece
Regadinto - Portugal
Brasni Carvul - Bulgaria
Tamsara, Tineke & André - Armenia

Check here for dances taught in previous months Recent Teaching

** Coming Events **

FDA Zoom Workshop with Caspar Bik - POSTPONED - advised by FDA 20 Feb.

Zoom workshop with Caspar Bik; 4pm Perth time, 26 February 2023
Please note that this is not a PID event - and you must be an FDA Member to join the Zoom session

Download the Flyer       and check out Caspar's Resumé

Hora Shalom - weekend workshop - 26 - 28 October with Hila Mukdasi and Sharon Elkaslassy. Look out for details or check the Hora Shalom web-site

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